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Hello to all!

      On the site where you got, I carefully keep everything that has been transformed into tangible forms that you can read, watch or listen to.

      I react positively to criticism, but I can also put it.

      Looking for colleagues to create music, arranging and mixing. The dream does produce an excellent album (and not one) with songs that make you think and worry.

      The site can be considered as a test of a computer, especially a video card and the Internet. On the "half dead horse" pages are thoughtful and discrete.

       Therefore, please do not be offended and send your comments.

P.S. I make the site myself, fill it in with drafts and programs, and I can creatively correct / change something (or alter it altogether by mood).




(Moscow Polytechnic University)

Department of cryogenic technology.

Industrial air conditioning, heating and air treatment systems.


KAMT (Kama Automotive College)

Power supply of industrial enterprises and installations.


Children's music school №3

The clarinet (saxophone) class is the C-bemole system (in B).


Creating songs and poems.

All that came out of the union of the love of experiments and patience.

Writing travel notes, poems and essays.

Stories in the style of Chukchi (people living in the north-east of Russia) songs "what I see, I sing" .. Others - by mood.

Electronics and mechanisms.

Execution schemes and devices in the home.

Parenting of  kinders

Growing up the next generation of naturalists and composers.

Крылья даются тем, кто не боится летать.

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